The eSIM revolution is here

The newest phase in roaming technology is here to change the game entirely.

With data and voice plans available literally with the click of a button, eSIM makes Roaming more  available than ever.

How simple? Well as simple as taking a picture with your phone.

All eSIM compatible devices can register to your choice of plan, scan the supplied QR code using your phone camera and be seamlessly subscribed to your chosen plan.


The newest phase of Roaming Technology is here..

Offering fully immersive, no hassle Data and Voice plan subscription with a click of a button.

No hassle Plan Subscription

Subscribe to your plan of choice with one easy click.

Why eSIM?

Regular SIM

  • Need to be physically Installed on device
  • Risk of loss
  • Can only install 1 or 2 (depending on device)
  • Physical earing or card damage possible


  • No Hardware Installation required
  • More reliable
  • Ability to install multiple cellular plans and activate when needed
  • No risk of physical wearing or damage to card
  • Easy to install

Join the eSIM revolution

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