Client Activation Portal

SIM Activation

Israeli Plan Includes: Unlimited Talk & Text (up to 5000/month) + 40GB of data

Number Portability Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00

*The activation process may take up to two hours from the time of your submission*

SIM Deactivation

Worldwide Plan

International Number

*Restricted Number – The customer will need to provide the following details and documents for the number to be active:

1. Name, business name and contact phone number.
2. Passport or ID copy.
3. Current address in the country (street, building number, postal code, city).
4. Proof of address form (a copy of utility bill no older than of 6 months).
* In case registration process is performed under a company name, registration certificate shall be provided along with passport or ID copy.

If the customer is interested in a international number not in the list, please contact our support for availability.