Instant eSIM


Global1SIM offers resellers, distributors and B2B customers to get instant access to a wide range of Sponsors (MNO IMSI Providers), where you can decide which Sponsor(s) is best for your business needs.
As for today, Global1SIM is integrated with 8+ different Sponsors and can consider as an “eSIM hub”, which allows you to make one and simple integration to Global1SIM, and enjoy all roaming agreements of our Sponsors – with more than 200 countries and 500 different mobile networks worldwide.
According to your target market(s), you will be able to get eSIM inventory from one Sponsor or more, and manage the eSIM inventory in order to optimize the needed coverage and pricing in each country.
With an MVNO business model, you will pay only for the actual usages of your users (per MB basis), which will allow you to control your margins by setting the needed Sell pricing to your end customers.