eSIM Mobile App

With Voice & SMS.

As the eSIM market grows, more and more consumers are looking to have “in-pocket” eSIM provider in order to cut off expensive roaming charges.
Global1SIM offers, along with eSIM all-in-one solution, a smart mobile App for Android/IOS, which includes a VOIP dialer for making / receiving calls and SMS, along with the main eSIM data plan.
In addition, the end user can benefit from a client area, where he can easily see his eSIM plan details, remaining balance of his plan, make instant top ups, and more.
The mobile App with your logo on IOS/Android stores will also include all maintenance and upgrades so you can keep focusing on market you mobile App and attract new customers.
With Global1SIM, the pricing of eSIM mobile App project is cost-effective with a speedy delivery time due to the ready integration we have, no additional development house is required.